Founded by inventor William Shaffer in 1999, Conicity Technologies is the leading provider of carbide, pcd, and cbn cutting tool edge preparation solutions.

1999: Conicity was founded to design and market a new generation of insert honing system. Since its inception Conicity has been focused on servicing producers of high performance carbide inserts with honing systems like the IXM-50.

2001: Demand for precision edge geometries on carbide drills led to the development of the DXM-50 drill honing system. This system allowed tool producers to manipulate the edge preparation at different points along the cutting edge in order to meet varying cutting conditions.

2002: Conicity’s SHXM-50 honing system was designed to overcome the unique difficulties of placing precision edge preparations on super-hard (PCD and CBN) tools. Users of super-hard tooling have been able to dramatically reduce tool consumption by using tools produced on the SHXM-50.

2003: Using the patented capabilities of its honing systems, Conicity began marketing Engineered Micro-Geometries™ (EMG™). Tools with EMG were made available directly to users through Conicity’s contract honing service as well as through authorized tool producers.