End Mill Edge Preparation Machine

Edge prep benefits:

  • Ability to run higher feed rate with reduced torque
  • Longer tool life
  • Eliminate chatter

machine capabilities:

  • Size selection includes 4 edge prep sizes.
  • The current waterfall edge prep technology for end mills covers 4 distinct edge prep sizes for both Right and Left Hand cutting tools.
  • End Mills
    • Any manufacturer’s helix/external form including variable pitch/variable spaced end mills.
    • Right hand/Left Hand Rotation
    • Size range from 1 MM to 30 MM Diameter, ½” to 10-1/2” flute length.
  • Ball Nose End Mills
    • Left and Right Hand
  • Steps on Step Drills/Step Reamers
    • Up to 5 steps
  • Thread Mills
    • Any manufacturer’s configuration
    • Up to 25 MM Diameter, multiple flutes
  • Taps
    • Up to 25 MM Diameter

Utility requirements:

  • Standard 110VAC Single Phase Current
  • 15 AMP service line
  • Normal Wall Outlet (Non-GFI)
  • Work Light 110 VAC 35 Watt
  • European current (50hz acceptable)
  • Machine requires only the electrical plug end changed to adapt to the local electrical supply standard.
  • Unit is sealed, no dust collection required.
  • CE Certified