Engineering the Cutting Edge

At Conicity Technologies we develop engineered micro-geometries, also known as edge preparation, for cutting tools to increase productivity, tool life, and improved part quality for manufacturers across many industries.

Our customers include Fortune 500 manufacturers down to medium sized job shops, tool reconditioning shops, and some of the finest tool manufacturers on the planet.  If you are an end user, we can help you drastically improve your cutting speeds and productivity with a direct impact to your bottom line.  If you are a tool manufacturer or regrinding shop, we can help you build tools that will win you new business and replace the competition.  If you are a tool integrator, Conicity can help your company with cost saving initiatives.

Conicity Storefront

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Effective 10/15/2018 Conicity Technologies is located in RIDC Keystone Commons (press release):

Conicity Technologies

519 Braddock Ave

Turtle Creek, PA 15145


Call us today: (724) 537-3555

For information about specific solutions for your industry, a specific tool, or the material you are machining, click on solutions. Click on machines to learn more about our equipment. Visit our news page for articles about our company, and visit the about page for general information on our company.

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